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Vocabulary Lessons Starting with the Letter C

There are a total of 209 vocabulary lessons starting with the letter C. Select a letter to view all the vocabulary lessons starting with that letter or click on a word to study the lesson.

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Cabinet (n) Cable (n) Cake (n)
Calculate (v) Calendar (n) Call (n)(v)
Calm (n)(v)(adj) Camera (n) Camp (n)
Campaign (n)(v) Can (n) Cancel (v)
Cancer (n) Candidate (n) Candle (n)
Candy (n) Cap (n) Capable (adj)
Capital (n) Car (n) Card (n)
Care (n)(v) Career (n) Careful (adj)
Carefully (adv) Carpet (n) Carry (v)
Case (n) Cash (n) Cat (n)
Catch (n)(v) Category (n) Cause (n)
Celebrate (v) Celebration (n) Cell (n)
Certain (adj) Certainly (adv) Chain (n)
Chair (n) Challenge (n)(v) Champion (n)
Championship (n) Chance (n)(adj) Change (n)(v)
Channel (n) Chapter (n) Character (n)
Charge (n)(v) Charity (n) Chart (n)(v)
Cheap (adj) Check (n)(v) Cheek (n)
Chemical (n) Chemistry (n) Chest (n)
Chicken (n) Child (n) Childhood (n)
Chip (n)(v) Chocolate (n) Choice (n)
Choose (v) Church (n) Cigarette (n)
City (n) Civil (adj) Claim (n)(v)
Class (n) Classic (adj)(n) Classroom (n)
Clean (adj)(v) Clear (adj)(v) Clearly (adv)
Clerk (n) Click (n)(v) Client (n)
Climate (n) Clock (n) Close (n)(v)(adv)(adj)
Closed (adj) Closely (adv) Closet (n)
Clothes (n) Cloud (n)(v) Club (n)
Clue (n) Coach (n)(v) Coast (n)
Coat (n)(v) Code (n) Coffee (n)
Cold (adj)(n) Collar (adj) Collect (v)
Collection (n) College (n) Combination (n)
Combine (v) Come (v) Comfort (n)(v)
Comfortable (adj) Command (n) Comment (n)(v)
Commercial (n) Commission (n) Commit (v)
Committee (n) Common (adj) Communicate (v)
Communication (n) Community (n) Company (n)
Compare (v) Comparison (n) Compete (v)
Competition (n) Competitive (adj) Complain (v)
Complaint (n) Complete (v)(adj) Completely (adv)
Complex (n)(adj) Complicated (adj) Comprehensive (adj)
Computer (n) Concentrate (v) Concept (n)
Concern (n)(v) Concerned (adj) Concert (n)
Conclusion (n) Condition (n) Conference (n)
Confidence (n) Confident (adj) Confirm (v)
Conflict (n)(v) Confusion (n) Connect (v)
Connection (n) Conscious (adj) Consequence (n)
Consider (v) Consideration (n) Consist (v)
Consistent (adj) Constant (adj) Constantly (adv)
Construction (n) Consult (v) Contact (n)(v)
Contain (v) Content (n)(adj) Contest (n)(v)
Context (n) Continue (v) Contract (n)
Contribute (v) Contribution (n) Control (n)(v)
Conversation (n) Convert (n)(v) Convince (v)
Cook (n)(v) Cookie (n) Cool (v)(adj)
Copy (n)(v) Corner (n) Correct (v)(adj)
Cost (n)(v) Count (n)(v) Counter (n)(v)
Country (n) County (n) Couple (n)
Courage (n) Course (n) Court (n)
Cousin (n) Cover (n)(v) Cow (n)
Crack (n)(v) Craft (n)(v) Crash (n)(v)(adj)
Crazy (adj) Cream (n)(v) Create (v)
Creative (adj) Credit (n)(v) Crew (n)
Critical (adj) Criticism (n) Criticize (v)
Cross (n)(v)(adj) Cry (n)(v) Cultural (adj)
Culture (n) Cup (n)(v) Curious (adj)
Currency (n) Current (n)(adj) Currently (adv)
Curve (n) Customer (n) Cut (n)
Cute (adj) Cycle (n)

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