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ESL Vocabulary Lesson List by Most Frequently Used Word

There are over 2,000 free vocabulary lessons. The list below is ordered by frequency. The most frequently used word in the English language is 'the.' However, we do not have a vocabulary lesson on articles, some prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs like is, am, are. These words are too commonly used and should be studied and understood separately. Also, many words have separate meanings. For example, the word 'can' is most commonly used as an auxiliary verb, but the lesson we have is on the noun form of the word 'can.'

(1) the (def. art.)
(5) a (indef. art.)
(5) a (n)
(8) you (pro)
(9) are (v)
(10) for (prep)
(11) that (pro)
(13) it (pro)
(14) as (adv)
(14) as (conj)
(15) be (v)
(16) on (prep)
(16) on (adv)
(16) on (adj)
(17) your (adj)
(18) with (prep)
(19) can (v)
(19) can (n)
(20) have (v)
(21) this (pro)
(21) this (adj)
(22) an (indef. art.)
(23) by (prep)
(23) by (adv)
(24) not (adv)
(25) but (conj)
(25) but (prep)
(26) at (prep)
(27) from (prep)
(28) i (pro)
(29) they (pro)
(30) more (adj)
(30) more (adv)
(31) will (n)
(32) if (conj)
(33) some (adj)
(33) some (pro)
(34) there (adv)
(34) there (n)
(34) there (pro)
(35) what (pro)
(35) what (adv)
(35) what (adj)
(35) what (int)
(36) about (adv)
(36) about (prep)
(36) about (adj)
(37) which (adj)
(37) which (pro)
(38) when (adv)
(38) when (conj)
(40) their (adj)
(41) all (adv)
(41) all (n)
(41) all (pro)
(41) all (adj)
(42) also (adv)
(43) how (adv)
(43) how (conj)
(44) many (adj)
The word type is in parenthesis next to the word to let you know what the type of word it is. There will be similar ranking for many words at the end of the list because many words had similar frequency rank.