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Why Study English Collocations?

It is important to study English collocations because it will help you understand how to use vocabulary words in a sentence correctly.

Many people learning English studied numerous hours to learn thousands of vocabulary words. They understand the meaning of the word by learning it from a dictionary, but in the end, they still have a problem using the word in a sentence.

How do I use that word? Am I using this word correctly? What are example sentences with that word? These are all common questions when we study vocabulary.

The best way to learn vocabulary is to learn what words are commonly used with the word in an example sentence. EnglishCollocation.com developed collocation lessons using the 2000 most frequently used words to help English learners improve their basic vocabulary and to help them learn how to use words in the correct way.

The vocabulary lessons will help you understand how to use the word in a sentence. It will also teach which words are commonly used with the word. By studying English collocations, you will be able to learn the word properly and learn how to use it in a sentence correctly.