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Vocabulary Lessons Starting with the Letter S

There are a total of 261 vocabulary lessons starting with the letter S. Select a letter to view all the vocabulary lessons starting with that letter or click on a word to study the lesson.

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Sad (adj) Safe (adj)(n) Safety (n)
Sail (n)(v) Salad (n) Salary (n)
Sale (n) Salt (n)(adj) Same (adj)
Sample (n)(v) Sand (n)(v) Sandwich (n)
Satisfaction (n) Save (v)(n) Savings (n)
Say (v) Scale (n)(v) Scared (adj)
Scene (n) Schedule (n)(v) Scheme (n)
School (n) Science (n) Score (n)(v)
Scratch (n)(v) Screen (n) Screw (n)(v)
Script (n) Sea (n) Search (n)(v)
Season (n) Seat (n)(v) Second (noun)
Secret (n)(adj) Secretary (n) Section (n)
Sector (n) Secure (adj)(v) Security (n)
See (v) Seek (n) Select (v)(adj)
Selection (n) Self (n) Sell (v)
Send (v) Senior (adj)(n) Sense (n)(v)
Sensitive (adj)(v) Sentence (n)(adj) Separate (v)
Series (adj) Serious (adj) Seriously (adv)
Serve (v) Service (n)(v) Session (n)
Set (n)(v)(adj) Setting (n) Settle (v)
Several (adj) Severe (adj) Sex (n)
Sexual (adj) Shake (n)(v) Shame (n)(v)
Shape (n)(v) Share (v)(n) Sharp (adj)
Shelter (noun) Shift (n)(v) Shine (v)
Ship (n)(v) Shirt (n) Shock (n)(v)
Shoe (n) Shoot (v)(n) Shop (n)
Shopping (n) Short (adj)(adv) Shot (n)
Shoulder (n) Show (v)(n) Shower (n)(v)
Shut (adj)(v) Sick (adj) Side (n)
Sign (n)(v) Signal (n)(v) Signature (n)
Significance (n) Significant (adj) Significantly (adv)
Silly (adj) Silver (n)(adj) Similar (adj)
Similarly (adv) Simple (adj) Simply (adv)
Sing (v) Singer (n) Single (adj)(n)
Sink (v)(n) Sister (n) Sit (v)
Site (n) Situation (n) Size (n)
Skill (n) Skin (n)(v) Skirt (n)
Sky (n) Sleep (v)(n) Slice (v)(n)
Slide (v) Slight (adj) Slightly (adv)
Slip (n) Slow (adj)(v) Slowly (adv)
Small (adj) Smart (adj) Smell (v)
Smile (v)(n) Smoke (v)(n) Smooth (adj)(v)
Snow (v)(n) Society (n) Sock (n)
Soft (adj) Software (n) Soil (n)
Solid (adj) Solution (adj) Solve (v)
Somehow (adv) Sometimes (adv) Somewhat (adv)
Somewhere (adv) Son (n) Song (n)
Soon (adv) Sorry (adj) Sort (v)(n)
Sound (n)(adj) Soup (n) Source (n)
South (adj)(adv) Southern (adj) Space (n)(v)
Spare (v)(adj) Speak (v) Speaker (n)
Special (n)(adj) Specialist (n) Specific (adj)
Specifically (adv) Specify (v) Speech (n)
Speed (n)(v) Spell (v)(n) Spend (v)
Spirit (n) Spiritual (adj) Spite (n)
Split (v)(n) Sport (n)(v) Spot (n)(v)
Spray (n)(v) Spread (v) Spring (n)(v)
Square (n)(adj) Stable (adj)(n) Staff (n)(v)
Stage (n)(v) Stand (v)(n) Standard (n)
Star (n)(v) Start (v)(n) State (v)(n)
Statement (n) Station (n) Status (n)
Stay (v)(n) Steak (n) Steal (v)
Step (n)(v) Stick (n)(v) Still (adj)(adv)
Stock (n)(v) Stomach (n) Stop (v)(n)
Storage (n) Store (n)(v) Storm (n)(v)
Story (n) Straight (adj)(adv) Strain (v)(n)
Strange (adj) Stranger (n) Strategy (n)
Street (n) Strength (n) Stress (n)(v)
Stretch (v)(n) Strict (adj) Strike (v)(n)
String (n) Strip (v)(n) Stroke (v)(n)
Strong (adj) Strongly (adv) Structure (n)(v)
Struggle (v)(n) Student (n) Studio (n)
Study (n)(v) Stuff (v) Stupid (adj)
Style (n)(v) Subject (n) Submit (v)
Substance (n) Substantial (adj) Succeed (v)
Success (n) Successful (adj) Successfully (adv)
Suck (v) Sudden (adj) Suddenly (adv)
Suffer (v) Sufficient (adj) Sugar (n)
Suggest (v) Suggestion (n) Suit (n)(v)
Suitable (adj) Summer (n) Sun (n)
Super (adj) Supermarket (n) Supply (v)(n)
Support (n)(v) Suppose (v) Sure (adj)
Surgery (n) Surprise (n)(v) Surprised (adj)
Surround (v)(n) Survey (n)(v) Survive (v)
Suspect (adj)(n)(v) Suspicious (adj) Sweet (adj)(n)
Swim (v)(n) Swimming (n) Swing (v)(n)
Switch (v)(n) Sympathy (n) System (n)

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